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About Me & My Practice

Image of Robert O'Brien

Bob's Bio

My first career was as a sign language interpreter. I completed my undergrad work in psychology and studio art in 2004, as an adult non-traditional student. I earned a clinical degree in Creative Art Therapy in 2006. I've been helping people find their way since 2006, and I've been in private practice since 2011.

I lost my mother to cancer in 1986. This event was life-changing and pointed me in the direction of becoming knowledgeable and skilled in helping manage the deep and damaging  psychological and relational effects of chronic and life-threatening illness as well as loss. 

I greatly enjoy using my creative and resilient parts to help people manage these effects, and to find meaning in the face of seemingly meaningless indifference of disease. 

My practice focuses on helping people explore their relationship to self and others, in a safe space that fosters growth, self-acceptance and positive change.

I enjoy accompanying clients on a journey of self discovery by applying my knowledge of creative expression (art media) and the way our brains, emotions, and relationships work (psychology). 

In many ways the process of therapy is about exploring the ways one habitually sees things, and sorting out which of those perspectives serves you and which, though useful at the time you began seeing them that way, may no longer be useful to you and your happiness today. I believe in the power of individuals to shift these perspectives, when given opportunity for creative expression and positive connection. I provide therapeutic space and relationship wherein this shift can occur, helping clients to discover their strengths and live their best lives. 

I create and apply customized individual treatment using knowledge and experience from several clinical perspectives while integrating and encouraging creative expression in its many forms. 

Participants can expect to receive treatment that does not judge, honors individual truths, and helps find real-time solutions to perplexing life challenges.

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