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For surviving parents/caregivers

Image of person reaching for heart.

In many parenting tasks, knowing what to do or say in a given situation can be a real challenge. This can be especially true as the guardian of a teen, and even more so when that teen is grieving.

The process of transitioning from childhood to young adulthood involves a ton of significant changes.  As they take on more responsibility-- managing friendships and dating, meeting higher academic and social expectations, preparing for adulthood-- their relationship with their parents also changes. Conflict, disagreement, and boundary-crossing are delightful and necessary features of this tumultuous time. A loss at this time just makes everything that much harder. 

Now add the probable fact that you are likely tending to your own broken heart simultaneously, and the expectations of yourself at this terrible time can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Support for Grieving Teens

I have personal experience and knowledge about the struggles of grieving teenagers. I recognize the significance and advantages of seeking guidance from a neutral third party as well as the importance of connecting with peers who have similar loss experiences. The grieving process is arduous, but doesn’t have to be lonely and isolating. My practice aims to be the go-to for this type of loss, creating safe connections with an adult who “gets it”, strategies for coping, feeling, and thriving, and peer groups who have similar experiences to make the journey less lonely.

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