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Rates & Insurance

I am not "in-network" with any insurers. 

My fee is $165 per 50 minute session.

Sessions are offered in-office and online.

On-site sessions are available on request and travel time is billed at session rate.

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Fee FAQ's

Why don't you take my insurance, man?​​

Without getting too far in to the state of the insurance industry and mental healthcare today, the simplest explanation is:

I prefer to work for my clients and not their insurance companies.

By accepting your insurance, I am agreeing to: ​​

  • Share session information, potentially including (but not limited) to notes and treatment details with third parties

  • Work extra hours dealing with the insurance company to get paid within a system that is clearly designed to delay or avoid payment

  • Take a cut rate that requires me to take on more clients than is clinically prudent in order to make my business viable. 

Can you help me use my out-of-network benefits? 

Yes, I certainly can.

Many insurance plans offer reimbursement for the cost of therapy provided by licensed counselors who are not "in-network" with your plan. Check with your plan's out-of-network benefits for reimbursement eligibility, reimbursement percentages and deductibles. 

How that works:

I collect your payment at the start of our session, and provide a 'superbill'-- documentation containing all of the information your insurance company needs to use your benefits if you have them. 

How is this a better arrangement? 

Therapy is an investment of time and money in you and your well being. The individualized treatment I offer is high quality, and not participating in managed care networks is one of the many things I do maintain that quality and help you best. 

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