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Collage with black and white photo of woman.

About YOU

Hello You,

If you are here, I know you are pondering a change. Some sort of relief.

Perhaps a different direction or something new that might help you feel better.

Less confused. Less stressed. Less scared. Less angry.

More calm. More understanding. More good, more often. 

You might find yourself here pondering these things because your life, as lives tend to do, took an unexpected turn. An ongoing illness. An aging relative. A death. A separation. A loss. It may have happened recently or in the distant past, or perhaps it's still going on. It might be obvious or subtle. An event, a series of happenings, or a way of being. You might not even consider it “so bad” and know people who have it “much worse.”

And yet. Here you are.

Lately, you’ve been wanting to do something about it. Something that is just for you.

You’re not really the type of person who does a lot for yourself. You tend to have a long list of things to do for others. Your occupation involves some sort of care-giving. Even if it is not expressly in human services, you find yourself being the go-to support of your friends, coworkers, and family members frequently. You find it difficult or impossible to say “no”. When you manage to, it is with a significant amount of guilt. You might even find yourself reading this because you clicked on it looking for help for someone else.

If you see yourself anywhere in the descriptions above, there’s a very good chance you are a great fit for my services.

Whether you are new to therapy or it's time for something new, I love helping people who are insightful, sensitive and perhaps a little too giving of themselves find their voices by getting curious about who they are and why they feel the way they do. I offer a creative space where seekers, thinkers, and feelers can explore their selves using the power of personal expression in its many forms.

Together we will form a therapeutic relationship that gives you space for what is true, and helps you give yourself permission to grow through it.

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