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Mixed media image with black and white photograpy, clouds and drawings of nature.

Chronic conditions can touch every aspect of our experience as human beings. Not only must one endure the condition's symptoms, but we must also adjust our functioning around the condition:

  • Time and effort in seeking treatment and answers

  • Adjustment to daily personal, professional, and household routines to accommodate symptoms, limited functioning, and care

  • Changes to identity as we may limit activities that we may have enjoyed but are no longer possible

  • New levels of interdependence

  • Internal and emotional responses to these adjustments; guilt, confusion, pain, disconnection, disappointment


And this is just to name a few.


A trusted therapeutic relationship can support us in navigating these changes, giving us a space to confide and explore the more treacherous aspects of long-term illness. Engaging in both a sounding board and a banister along the way can help us through, finding compassion and solace in the face of the pain and gracelessness that often accompany chronic conditions.  

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