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Abstract art with person reaching for heart.

Hi There! 

Relief is a Counseling and Art Therapy practice located just north of Philadelphia in Jenkintown, PA. A combination art studio and cozy talk space, it is designed as a place for connection, creativity, exploration, discovery and healing. 

Although we use many forms of creative expression in our practice at Relief, I am a printmaker at heart. I see "relief" as one of the rewards of therapy. As a printmaker, I know "relief" is a process wherein we get to decide what aids us in creating our image, and what does not. We remove negative and leave positive, knowing that both are essential to our experience of the whole.

While we work at creating, we gift ourselves with:

  • TIME: for calm, steady reflection on our internal experience

  • SPACE: a container for the feelings that emerge as a result of reflection

  • PERMISSION: to allow ourselves be just who we are in this moment

These elements allow tight, frazzled and inflexible systems to naturally loosen, calm, and grow. 

Whatever brings you here, please enjoy looking around and learning about Art Therapy and my practice. This site is designed as a starting point on the next chapter of your journey.


Don't forget to have a good time. 

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